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Thursday, April 30, 2009

flash template for modeling profession

Here is the nice template for the modeling profession. If you are looking an online web library of your photo shots this should be for you. You can use it show your online portfolio of you profession.

here is the source

space design flash template

This flash template is pretty amassing cool and nice look with shining stars and cosmic light on every click great template if you are looking for cosmic presence on web space.

here is the source

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shocker flash template

The spinning foot ball on every click is an great idea if you have shocker team and looking for great online presence which reflects the personality of your team this flash template is for you. it has fun club, calender, gallery you can use it to grow your fans network.

here is the link

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

blue black flash template

The blue smokey effect and the blue black color combination on this flash template is very impressive choose as if you are looking great web presence.

here is the source

magical flash template

This nicely build flash template having a magical effects where ever you take your cursor the magical butterfly will flow it. the Cristal ball is the base of this flash template and its very original
looks great if you have any graphic designing company.

here is the source


Nice city light back ground near by sea and the buttons have water wave effect in this flash template and the catch is construction site. if you have any infrastructure company and looking for effective web presence this flash template is for you.

here is the source

online web album flash template

Defiantly as it says it is for the people who are in love or getting married and looking for their own online web album to show it to your family and friends. This flash template is very nicely build with the nice combination of color and sober style.

here is the source

DJ flash template

Absolutely this flash template is design for DJ with great looking aurora animated background.

here is source

web cool

web cool yea it is web cool this flash template with nice combination of colors with paper turning animation on every button click with paparazzi flash lite in its back ground. is a great flash template to use it for your graphic designing business

here is the link

Monday, April 27, 2009

Online showroom

This template is if you are looking an online show room. It is nicely build flash template which is specifically design for online furniture showroom. the combination of wooden color which gives a warm look matching with its wooden furniture gallery.

here is the source

car sports flash template

I recommend this flash template for those who are involved in car sports or kinda things which comes under extreme sports and looking for extreme web presence.

here is the source

ring splash flash template

The idea of ring splash in this template is great.

here is the source

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Robo flash template

This template is one of the best template of hugo. its a grate combination of creativity and originality. Its sensitive mouse over reaction of robots is really fantastic and each and every robo has its own mouse over click actions. which show the originality of creator of this template.

here is the source

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blue and Punk flash template

This nicely build flash template with blue and pink smokey water effects is build for the purpose of any art or designing company. the author of this template is mercury whose most of the skills are self taught which gives the reflectional of originality.

here is the source