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Sunday, May 31, 2009

hair salon

looking for men salon her it is with all required addons such as
( home page, about salon, services, our masters, portfolio, hair care advice and the contact)

here is the link

graphic designing studio

So creative web template for the creative designer or any graphic designing studio this template is having a rich features most important its color combination and the photo gallery so amazingly design at the left side of this flash template.

here is the link

photo profile

here is the another flash template for the photo profile but it can be use for any business

here is the link

hotel with vivid color

Best template ever for the restaurant or hotel the warm looks and wonderful design give the immersion of any luxurious hotel and the combination of color is vivid.

here is the link

photography profession online

looking for photo portfolio for your photography profession this is what this online portfolio says to your customer.

'My wonderful images are available as limited editions. Prints are limited to 150 editions per image, with each print numbered and signed by Chris Rayan."

here is the link

night club

looking for an night club here is amazing flash template with all R & B features

here is the link

Saturday, May 30, 2009

wedding album

The finest thing that you can gift is this online wedding album this is one of the impressive flash template in my template collection the auto start up of the album and the music gives beautiful impression to its viewer. this template is design by DELTA of monster template.

here is the link

business template

This is the business template

here is the link

global group

Global group template for the global business

here is the link

finance template

this professional looking web template is simple and give very nice impression

here is the link

global business

This is truly business template with the purpose of global business.

here is the link

real state

nice template for real state its an HTML flash template

here is the link

Friday, May 29, 2009

emotional rock

emotional rock never thought that this kind of web template be available fantastic one with no ending and the music inside this template is really an emotional rock.

here is the link

professonal photographer

The way to success to become professional photographer nice template with new gallery style photo album

here is the link

modeling agency template

the sensitive web template for modeling agency

here is the link

design lab

good one for the design lab

here is the link

wash your car with this web template

want you owe car wash company this can be the opportunity to start the one

here is the one

haxogon web template

nice haxagon style design isotaco

here is the link

Thursday, May 28, 2009

PC solutions

securex for the PC solution providing company

here is the link

desigen with rich features

very simple design rich with features i like its presentation style of home contains and trust me the equalizer is fantastic.

here is the link

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

web template for interior designer

nice template for interior designers with the exibition style gallary

here is the link

advertising & web template

rolling advertisement on web with help of web technology this could be the best advertisement on web.

here is the link

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

melt with you blogger template

Here is the 3 column blogger template with MELT WITH YOU style very artistic design

here is the link

gold template for business

Ever wondered how the gold web template look like this template is the innovative one which is fully focused for its core competency with "about, services, solutions, product, news, clients, contact".

here is the link

global business web tmeplate

prepare your self for global business this is the only thing the GLOBALER says totally design for multinational business holder put your self in business with GLOBALER.

here is the link

photographer's folio

mac style dock for the photographer's folio nice idea put your self in home page with the creativity of welcome message

here is the link

Sunday, May 24, 2009

professional web template

professionally build for professional business this web template gives you a remarkable web appearance on web for your globel business

here is the source

Tornado of disco

Totally vip templates have all the feature's for any club that requires with amazing disco light effect this is TORNADO of DISCO

here is the source

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

dragon ball z style web template

dragon ballz style nice and creative look

here is the link

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

exibition template

very impressive gonna use it for photo exhibition.

here is the link

commercial template

Showing sky as an furious internet in between the running cloud totally commercial template.

here is the link


Release the goodness of FENG SHUI with this flash template to increase abundant wealth, loving relation ships and personal happiness

here is the source

web designing template

The moonlight effect in the dark night with the shining stars and playing dolphin in sea looks like m inside in my dreams.

here is the link

Love Declaration

The perfect thing to gift to your soul mate it has beautiful and impressive animation which makes it lovely eye catching web template Or you can use it as your marriage invitation card to your family and friends.

here is the link

Monday, May 18, 2009

web template for art work

very impressive art work in this template animation is so cool

here is the link

communication web template

ONe template for communication

here is the link

web tmeplate for fashion branding

This is nice template for banding your luxurious fashion best use for niche marketing strategies as a fashion branding info media.

here is the source

business web template

Nice and impressive business web template for any software or hard ware making company

here is the link

golf club web template

looking for golf club then this one is be the best one this web template will give you suttaning web presences

here is the link

Thursday, May 14, 2009

neon web template

The stream of neon light gives very decent flashy effect at the start up of this flash template and when you enter site it welcomes you with flash of neon

here is the link

music band

Classy template for music band or it can be use as event organizing info chart

here is the link

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

enigma of flash template

Absolutely very amazing template with light wave effect this enigma template gives so spiritual impression the ray of light is just like any cosmic lights imitation of spirits with the origin of all lights

here is the link

studio web tmeplate

The wind blowing effect at the back ground looks so classy sober color matching with cool animation. Nice template with rainbow effect

here is the link

party template

Cool template glossy design for you night club what ever you need to publish you can publish in it
you have club, gallery, parties, contact. lets inform every thing in a party style this is the best way to be glossy.

here is the link

Monday, May 11, 2009

to be creative

Inspiration is the only power which provokes each and every human to do something different.

It’s obvious you think how these flash templates or any creative art works you see become an eye candy for you and everyone around you and sometimes it doesn’t took long to become a trend around the world.

Let me tell you the secret of designing first is creativity, understanding, knowledge, motivation, focus and inspiration or it can be kiss theory (keep it simple and stupid) or just stupid or you can travel around the world to take some inspiration and make your own creative seance . Most of the creative work you see are inspired through our natural environment.

There are two types of thing people get attract.
1. Excellent one and
2. Worst one.

People do brain storming while doing any creative work but it doesn’t require it’s just like a thought or idea came in to your mind and you put it onto canvas and then you refine it until it gets perfect into your eyes.

Some of the people have a born ability to choose right kind things they know how do the perfect thing looks like so they involved themselves into the world of creativity. And some of their work you can see into my blog.

Friday, May 8, 2009

illusion web template

illusion with jelly effect nice template with greate art work must see web template

here is the source

web template for dance lovers

Enter the site nice and beautiful web site template for all dance lovers

here is the link

furniture showroom web template

Elite furniture nice template looks great nice color combination red and black. good for online furniture showroom

here is the link

Thursday, May 7, 2009

web template for graphic designing company

Very nice template bright idea and quality realization absolutely design for any graphic design company

here is the source

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

chines restaurant web template

chines restaurant web template nice work.

here is the link